About Us

When BlueSky opened its doors in 2007 we were determined to change the face of Real Estate in Christchurch. 

Having returned home after a four-year stint in the UK, Daniel De Bont had a vision - a vision to do real estate better, differently and be focused on the vendors best interest, not the agents'.

After forming BlueSky Real Estate, Daniel introduced Cantabrians to his unique performance driven commission structure, giving the people the power to decide what BlueSky’s services were genuinely worth. 

In those early days we were met with scepticism – people simply didn’t believe it was possible to receive both a quality service and the freedom to choose how much they paid. But over the years, through hard work and a relentless commitment to the highest standards, we’ve proven that our clients really can have the best of both worlds. 

When we say we’re a team, we really mean it. We work together to achieve great results for our clients, bouncing ideas off each other and utilising the collective networks of contacts and buyers we’ve each built over the years.

As a company, we believe that our own success is intrinsically linked to our client’s success and internally that same philosophy rings true. 

We’re not competing against each other to make the most sales or generate the most listings. We’re working side-by-side, sharing knowledge and helping each other to overcome challenges.

As a consequence, our clients benefit from a diverse range of styles and approaches and a wealth of experience.  Ultimately that leads to a scenario where everyone prospers. 


Coast to Coast Rangers

In 2015 Daniel De Bont along with his wife Jess and father-in-law Steve Moffatt, established a pilot programme for disadvantaged youth in Canterbury. 

A group of keen volunteers worked to support a group of Aranui High school students who formed part of the services academy at their school.

Our team took on the audacious task of mentoring and training these teenagers to compete and complete in the 2016 Coast to Coast.

When we started the students had no bikes, had never kayaked and only ran away from teachers!

For our students living in broken suburbs and broken communities, life was tough enough; now they were faced with 243km of racing across the South Island while learning some 'real life' disciplines along the way.

A fantastic lady Vanessa Wells heard about our programme and decided to invest her time, efforts and skills as a filmmaker to follow this journey.

Our four fabulous students; Bryce, Taitama, Sholita and Kaylah, not only completed but really did compete in the Coast to Coast.

Racing with multi-sport legends Steve Gurney and Nathan Faave; Bryce and Taitama blew everyone away, completing the course in just over 17 hours in the school team’s tandem category.

The teams were well supported by Sholita and Kaylah physically and mentally throughout the entire journey.

The programme was a great success, and with the support of Bluesky and some other great sponsors, we have now expanded for the 2016/17 season.

The Ranger concept now supports 12 students from Linwood College and hope to continue with the Aranui community once their new Super School restructure has taken place. 

For 2017 we are looking to introduce an ongoing mentoring programme supporting our students in their future endeavours in sport, education and community from their teenage years into early adult life.


If you would like to know more or would be interested in supporting our programme feel free to contact Daniel, we would love to have you on board!